We can use wikis to work with our students or each other.
Wikis are free and easy to use.
They are fun and flexible.

Click here to sign up for a free wiki for teachers to create your own space...or just join an existing wiki and start collaborating!
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Basics: What in the world is a wiki?
Use this space to share your resources with others - just click on Edit a page --- to get started adding resources

Here are directions for adding your work to a wiki to make it richer.

DIrections to create your page!
  1. Click EDIT at the above right.
  2. Place your cursor below the last entry any page.
  3. Type in the title of your document
  4. Highlight the title
  5. Go up to the Editor tool bar and click on the "connected chain" link.
  6. You will see a "link" page.
  7. Click add link.
  8. Put a little description following the link to describe the focus/theme of that particular lesson.
  9. Click Save on the Editor tool bar above.

Directions to add your content to your page:
  1. Click on the document you just created.
  2. You should now be on your page - click EDIT at top right
  3. To upload your document:
    1. Click on the "insert images and files picture" on the Editor tool bar above.
    2. Click on the Upload Files tab
    3. Click Browse to find your document
    4. Click on your document twice
    5. Click Upload
    6. Your document will appear beneath. Click on your document twice! The document will not actuall show on your page, but a link to that document/template will be automatically uploaded.
    7. Don't forget to hit Save. Now the document title appears.
  4. OR - you can
    1. Open your document
    2. Select all
    3. Hit Copy
    4. Go to your page and click EDIT
    5. Put the cursor on your page
    6. Right Click and Paste.
    7. The document will appear. Any images included in the document will not appear.
      1. To add images to the document, please follow steps under Number 3 above, steps 1 - 7.