Keynote Address

Tony Vincent

The greatest obstacle to learning is coverage. - Howard Gardner
Students should UNCOVER knowledge...NOT cover material.

Use wifitti to collect ideas and opinions

Flip the classroom...
Show me white board Works with accounts! Wicked cool!!!


Factor Samauri
Puppet this with Sam's class!!!

Little Techies

Denise Hatch Atwood Primary, Oakland, ME (attended our talk last year)
Get Cheap Flip Cams to hand to kids! Make "Magic Movies."
Blogging...have kids type.
"Point in Time" blog...Monster Buddies...don't blog for the for a purpose.
Using Wikis... you can publish iPad format books!!! guest pass access ACTEM Word clouds with SHAPES!!!
Wordle...high frequency words Have kids add speech and thought bubbles

Mobilize for Productivity
Create a URL shortener...
URL Shorteners:,,,,, etc. Create your own URL shortener with YoURLS.
connect to ipad with eclicker! super cool! $10 app
A book about productivity by David Allen Getting Things Done
(you can also get the podCasts on iTunes)
Advanced common sense: put things on cruise control or auto pilot paying...

Turn off automatic notifications...or reduce to hourly.
Set e-mail PROCESSING time.
4 Ds: Delete, Do it (immediately if it will take less than two minutes), Delegate, Defer
Inbox clutter-free
"Thank you in advance." and No Reply Necessary
Grammar Girl PodCasts (Quick and Dirty Tips) and Get it Done Guy DELETE it ALL!
"Bacn" make a folder!
Let me google that for

to do lists:
web browsing:

Geek of the Week

Motion Math and motion math zoom
gmail Tasks Make an email a task...and date to make a calendar event!!!
Scratchwork...note taking along side web site
Newspaper map
zombies vs. literacy app
25 best sites
Rubber keyboard covers at Amazon
Voicethread now has an app
Google Chrome...voice search...set reading levels
A google a literacy
Verizon MiFi Cards...very cool
answergarden Give feedback...really cool! Give feedback at meetings...

Getting the Most out of your Google Domain
kernkelly (Google+)
"Cloud Based" Data can get your data back!
Apps vs apps
Google forms....use forms...basically a spread sheet in a different view...color code!!!!
Embedded gadget in google forms to make word clouds!!!!
Spread sheets can have searchable windows. For example, you can enter all the states and then have it look up all the state capitals and automatically plop it into your spread sheet!
Digitize all work!!! Let's go paperless.

Going Viral
Tumblr...could be a place for the class...
Create FaceBook Alum. Page :-)
Hootsuite can organize all social media publishing


Have kids post their book reviews. Upload them to Amazon
Collaborate via maps with Skype Buddies!
Have kids take photos of completed work to create a digital portfolio.