The 2010 ACTEM conference was inspiring to say the least. Here are some of the new resources that people shared:


One of the Key Note speakers was Angela Meyers. Her wiki has tons of info! Read more about Angela at
Viki Davis is a Computer Science teacher and IT Director. Read more at

Chatting Across the USA

For more info on video chatting in your classroom:
// is a social network that has been setup to help educators connect world wide.

Purpose Driven Twitter

Learn how to get the most from Twitter and why it is so powerful:
Check out your online persona:

Invent Something! Be Visionary! Maybe these tools will help...

Free tools for teachers:
Amazing talks by kids! (They'll remind you WHY you teach!)
Remove clutter from what you are reading online with Readability:
Look at news a new way:
A collaborative brainstorming tool:
A new way to search for info. Go to and type in something simple like "monkeys" to get the gist of this one.
Need original source documents? This site is VERY cool:
Media pre-production software (storyboards, etc.)
View YouTube video without the distractions (no related videos, no comments, create links to embed!)
Choose illustrations and write stories collaboratively...very cool!
Make and publish a real magazine. The proof is FREE!
Free online books:

More Notes from ACTEM

Digital Pictures, Now What?

Contact Sarah Sutter - an art teacher
@edueyeview on Twitter
sarahsutteredu on Skype or

Image editors: GIMP confusing but very powerful editor
iPhoto – use effects juditiously
- use the same effects throughout the project
Calibrate screen - Flickr online photo management and sharing

CoolIris Wall –
embed ‘Flikr’ code which goes in 2 places Animoto educator – 30 seconds long video
from 12-15 images that you or students choose Free and
VoiceThreads educator


Presenter: Melissa Noack, Visual Arts Teacher, Yarmouth High School,
Yarmouth, Maine

Ning is a social networking site like facebook but is private.
Ning is not free
Mini ning - $50 / year
Medium ning - $250 / year - has the information from her talk. This
has a good resources page. Melissa’s ning at Yarmouth High School. Open
for visiting and seeing what her kids do.

This teacher doesn’t use pix of kids but uses Avitars. These avitars are often a

photo of something.
Teacher uses the space to put all blogs, videos, images comments etc. instead
of having these stored at various websites. A global community of art educators exploring uses of
new technology.

Melissa often uses voicethreads to have students comment on similar

She uses an iGoogle account to manage all the comments of her students
RSS organizer

Kendra who lives in Beijing, China is collaborating w/ Melissa. Her wiki is Connecting the dots . Her
wiki has a useful websites. Prezi is the zooming presentation editor to make
presentations more interesting

iPad in Education

you can epub in Pages and then publish to put on iPod or iPad as a book that
can have images and video. Only problem is that everyting has to be
input linearly.
Look up epub on Apple web site to learn more.
iPad ver 4.2 makes multitasking possible.
If there is a feature you would like to see on the iPad / iPod go to
LogMeIn app used to control your computer

Beyond Campus
iBook has some public domain books free

inkling – a free app to create an account. Can download a chapter of a book or
whole books w/ video and pictures. So don’t have to dissect that frog
every year. Rated for 12+ due to content.

Geek Tools
updated-with.html - qr code generator / http:// explains what qr code is all about
tech conference for ans by kids 10-16
what adults can learn from kids Maine’s first TedX conference TedX TEDX ed New York Preceden – easy way to make a timeline Lifesnapz – a timeline Readability – put in menu
bar of browser and it gets rid of pictures and ads Edistorm takes the metaphor of
sticky notes on a boardroom wall and brings it online allowing anyone -
anywhere to brainstorm with only a web browser. used to compare
things of same type. Cars for example. Bring original documents to students
Connectd to the nat’l archives
Primary sourcendocuments / images
Create your own archives
page=products_mifi Mifi Verizon $43/month/nonprofit org w/o
limits to use with computers in areas where coverage.
Write “kick” in front of a YouTube site and you can download onto desktop
“pwm” instead of www – Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-
production system. It replaces 'paper & binder' pre-production with
a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and
easier to share
Good for scriping / storyboarding formatting
Could use with fractured fairy tales in Kin???

pdf export - if you are into board games this is the
site for you. download free open source software to record video
on your screen
screenrecord omg = “quicktime player” - file new screen recording to
record video use quietube to watch videos without distractions. So
if there is a YouTube video you want to show the kids this will take
out all the ads and other stuff and leave just the video. RSA Royal Society for the encouragement of arts,
manufactures and commerce. rsa animate has an exciting series of
video lectures from the world's most inspiring thinkers.
on-youtube/ Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us by
Dan Pink symbaloo edu lets you organize and share
the best of the web with your students – Storybirds are short, visual
stories that you make with family and friends to share
and (soon) print. Collaborative story boarding. You can upload
photos. magcloud – where you publish and print your
own magazine. Tumblebooks are ebooks which are
animated, talking picture books for elementary or read alongs for
older kids. TumbleTalkingBooks: Your Online Audio Library - is an
online audio book library collection for public libraries and schools.
A subscription to TumbleTalkingBooks gives your patrons/students
UNLIMITED remote access to your audio book collection. (from
Portland Public Library) Storyline online – video books read by
members of the Screen Actors Guild with activities. geography, math, science etc
activities for various grades social bookmarking ACTEM conference
bookmarks Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from
text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words
that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your
clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images
you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can

print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your
friends. ideas of how to use
Wordle in your classroom Wordles a site to have fun with words. The links
page has other sites that might be of interest.
Seedlings podcasts on iTunes – free downloads.